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About Us

‘Our mission, is to improve the quality of life of those who put their trust in us.’
Jenny Stevens, Attune hearing CEO

Our formidable medical alliance and independence is what ultimately led to our success as the
leading independent Australian hearing healthcare provider, while our exceedingly high-quality
service continues to lead our growth today.

In an industry that can be disconcerting and difficult to navigate, Attune Hearing have remained true
to our core values and mission, which is why you can put your trust in us.
Attune is committed to you and your loved ones.

E – Empathy – Not only do we promise to deliver consistent, accurate and medically supported
diagnostic hearing services, we possess genuine empathy and care for each and every patient.

A – Attention – We don’t just do the test and sell you a hearing aid, we display attention to detail in
every aspect of our service to ensure you are being provided the best and most accurate medical
outcome possible.

R – Respect – Our company is built on a pillar of respect. This filters through every staff member in
every clinic, straight to you.
We don’t live by these statements because we feel we have to, we do it because we possess
genuine passion and respect for our profession. Every patient who walks through our doors gives
us an opportunity to improve a life in some small or large way – that’s why we do what we do.

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We’d love to hear from you

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