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Cochlear Community

Life with an Implant – Information Sessions

Whether you are considering getting an implant, or you are an implant recipient already, Attune Hearing holds information sessions to benefit you.

Potential Cochlear Implant Candidates

Join our Implant specialists for an informal information session. This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions of our cochlear implant team and discover what life with an implant is like prior to visiting an implant surgeon.

Existing Implant Recipients

These sessions are focussed on providing detailed information on new technologies, receiving an implant in your other ear, how to properly maintain your cochlear implant and anything else that an implant recipient might be interested in.

Whichever category you’re in, the Attune community allows you to meet other patients who are going through the discovery process or recipients who are part of the Attune implant program. This is the best possible way to ensure you are gaining the most accurate information and support, wherever you are in your cochlear implant journey. 

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We’d love to hear from you

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