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Hearing Tests (Adults)

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Like your eyesight, hearing can deteriorate over time, often without you being aware of it. Like any medical condition, the sooner you can start managing your hearing loss or condition, the better your quality of life will be. 

A free 15-minute hearing test conducted by an Attune Audiologist will diagnose any hearing loss you may have.


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Diagnostic Hearing Assessments

Attune Hearing provides comprehensive diagnostic assessments of the auditory system (hearing) and the vestibular system (balance). These tests will determine the type and degree of hearing loss and will identify any underlying medical pathology.

These simple tests are painless and non-invasive. Our audiologists take a holistic approach to hearing health care and aim to make the process as easy and beneficial as possible.


Pure Tone Audiogram (PTA) is a full diagnostic hearing assessment that involves three different test types.

Hearing Test – You are asked to listen to sounds that are played through headphones and asked to respond by pressing a button.

Speech Discrimination Test – You are asked to repeat words heard through headphones.

Middle Ear Test – This is an automatic test where a small plug is placed in the ear and measures eardrum movement. This helps us determine the nature of the hearing loss. The test takes a couple of minutes. 


Your Audiological Evaluation will:

  • Determine the degree and type of hearing loss.
  • Identify the location of the lesion within the auditory system producing the problem.
  • Recommend hearing aid fitting and/or other audiological management when appropriate.
  • Help to establish the cause of the hearing loss.
  • Estimate the extent of the communication impairment and recommend appropriate treatment.


Hearing Aids and Communication Strategies

If your hearing is affecting your quality of life, an Attune Audiologist will advise you of your rehabilitation and communication options based on your level of communication difficulty, lifestyle and severity of the hearing loss. If a hearing aid or device is an option for you, Attune offers a wide range of products to improve your quality of life.


We acknowledge that not all hearing loss is appropriate for a hearing aid, which is why we seek to understand your specific needs and lifestyle to recommend the best solution for you.

FREE 15-minute hearing tests (screenings) are available at all Attune clinics by appointment.

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