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How do you know if a Cochlear Implant is right for you?


What are the signs an implant could benefit you?

  • Are you starting to avoid social situations because of your hearing?
  • Do you have moderately severe to profound hearing loss?
  • Do you feel you are no longer benefiting from Hearing Aids?
  • Are you finding one-on-one conversations very difficult?
  • Is your hearing affecting your work life?
  • Are you relying on captions to enjoy the television?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is very possible a hearing implant could benefit you.


How does it work? 

  1. Speech Processor: An external speech processor captures the sound and converts it into digital signals.
  2. Digital Signals: The processor transmits the digital signals to an internal implant
  3. Electrode Array: The internal implant converts the signals into electrical energy,
    sending it to an electrode array inside the cochlear
  4. Hearing Nerve: Electrodes stimulate the hearing nerve bypassing damaged hair cells, and the brain perceives the signals as sound

What factors can affect the overall success of a hearing implant?

  • How long you have had severe to profound hearing loss
  • Whether you have consistently used hearing aids
  • Regular use of your Cochlear Implant system
  • Opportunities for conversation in your daily life


What do I do next?

The next step is speaking to your GP, who will refer you to an implant surgeon to determine your medical suitability.

The Attune Cochlear Implant Program has no waiting lists, so you will gain immediate access to expert advice and care.

Once you have seen an implant surgeon, you can book an appointment with an implant audiologist.

Should you be deemed suitable for implantation and decide to proceed, your surgery will be scheduled, and you will start your cochlear implant journey.

The Attune Hearing Cochlear Implant program includes a very comprehensive post-implant care program, including periodic checks of the implant site, auditory and speech training and counselling to support you as you adjust to your new device.


Do I receive financial support?

There are a wide range of funding options available for implant recipients in Australia. We advise you to speak with your clinical audiologist to determine which option is right for you.

Funding brochure download

*Please be advised that the Attune Hearing Implant Program is currently only available in Queensland and Adelaide. 


If you feel you may be an eligible candidate for a Cochlear Implant, visit your GP and discuss the possibility of being referred to an implant surgeon.

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