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The pathway to a brighter future

Being the parent of a child with significant hearing loss is incredibly challenging under any circumstance, but it’s so important to realise that there are now the solutions and resources in place to help your child go on to live a normal, happy life and achieve their full potential.


Many parents are faced with the struggle of deciding what is best for their child’s language development as a result of hearing loss. As a parent, you feel it’s your duty to protect them and give them every opportunity to be happy and successful in all endeavours, whether it be schooling, sporting or social. With the right guidance, support and treatment, you can do exactly that.


Could a cochlear implant benefit my child?

If your child has existing hearing loss and is not benefiting from hearing aids or you are concerned about their ability to comprehend and produce speech, they could be a candidate for a cochlear implant. In these circumstances, it’s important to see a clinical audiologist and discuss what the best option is for your child.


It’s important to act now

If you feel your child could be a candidate for a cochlear implant, it is vital to act early. Studies have repeatedly linked better outcomes and auditory development with earlier activation. This gives your child every opportunity to develop their speech and communication skills sooner in life and develop with their peers.

If you’re unsure about your child’s eligibility, speak to your child’s managing audiologist or GP to discuss your options.

Please be aware, Attune Hearing do not offer the Cochlear Implant program for children.



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