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19 September 2020

What are the 6 Different Types of Earplugs For Every Purpose?

Earplugs are a very accessible way to achieve better sleep, prevent noise-induced hearing loss, and reduce incidents of ...
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blasting music
16 September 2020

7 Harmful Habits That Could Damage Your Hearing

We love going to concerts, blasting music on full volume through our headphones and enjoying being social at ...
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grandpa with kid
15 September 2020

Tinnitus and Anxiety: 6 Coping Techniques to Help You Deal With Ringing Ears

Tinnitus is very common and can have a severe impact on your quality of life. It can cause ...
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girl wear glasses
14 September 2020

How To Prevent Ear Infections and Protect Your Hearing Health

Ear infections can be awful, especially if your child is in pain or bulging eardrums are a recurring ...
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sleep problems
11 September 2020

10 Simple Strategies to Address Sleep Problems Caused by Tinnitus

Having trouble falling asleep can be extremely frustrating. If you’re living with tinnitus, the medical term for the ...
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28 August 2020

Should You Buy Hearing Aids Before Having a Hearing Test?

The short answer is no, absolutely not. Getting a hearing assessment is the first step on your journey ...
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26 August 2020

What is a Balance Test? I Balance & Dizziness

Dizziness, lightheadedness and vertigo are some of the most common health problems experienced by people of all ages. ...
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patient guide
26 August 2020

A Patient Guide to Understanding Your Audiogram Results

You’ve just received a hearing test and have been diagnosed with hearing loss, but what do the results ...
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hearing loss in children
26 August 2020

Hearing Loss in Children: What Signs Should Parents Look Out For?

It’s normal for parents to worry about their babies. Newborns and young children are challenging, no doubt about ...
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what you need to know trialling a hearing aid
25 August 2020

Hearing Aid Trial: All You Need to Know

Getting a hearing aid is a life-changing decision and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. A free hearing ...
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