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24 July 2020

5 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss And Protect Your Hearing

Hearing loss is, in most cases, preventable. 1 in 6 Australians are affected by hearing loss, and with ...
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23 July 2020

The Hidden Dangers of Earbuds for Teenagers and Adults

Airpods and other wireless earbuds are everywhere. Chances are, you’re wearing them right now, or carry them in ...
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22 July 2020

Noise Exposure: How Loud is Too Loud?

Different types of sounds and noise accompany us wherever we go, be it at work or school, during ...
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swimming man
21 July 2020

How to Safely Remove Water From Your Ears

Whilst splashing around in the pool is a great way to beat the heat and is good fun ...
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20 July 2020

Reversing Hearing Loss: Can You Restore Your Lost Hearing?

Hearing is a key sense. One on which we rely on for our safety, to socialise and communicate, ...
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17 July 2020

Ear Pain & Diving: Why Your Ears Hurt Underwater

Did you ever swim to the bottom of a pool and suddenly your ears were killing you? What ...
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17 July 2020

Fit to Drive: Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Driving Skills?

Hearing loss has an impact on many areas of your daily life. Driving a motor vehicle is an ...
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hearing loss in the workplace
16 July 2020

Hearing Loss in the Workplace: Is Your Job Damaging Your Hearing?

An estimated one million Australian workers are exposed to excessive noise at their workplace. But hearing is delicate ...
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old man with headphone
25 June 2020

The Risks of Untreated Hearing Loss

People with hearing loss are navigating a number of challenges including the increased risk to suffer from depression ...
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Hearing Health Matters
31 May 2020

The History of Hearing Aids

A Journey Through Time and the Marvels of Modern Hearing Care What have Ludwig Van Beethoven, Ronald Reagan ...
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