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workplace hearing
13 November 2019

Workplace Hearing

We are surrounded by noise every day; however, some noises can damage our hearing more than others. If ...
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free online hearing test results
23 October 2019

I Have A Hearing Loss, Now What? A Step-By-Step Guide To Looking After Your Hearing Health

Many Australians think. “I’m young, I won’t need to start worrying about my hearing until I’m 50”, Well ...
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eatting watermelon
17 October 2019

Measuring The Noise Of Daily Life In Decibels

If you are not already experiencing hearing loss, you’re probably not paying a lot of attention to your ...
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09 October 2019

How Does Our Hearing Work?

Our body is incredibly adaptable. We can repair ourselves, fend off diseases, filter out dirty air, cool ourselves ...
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02 October 2019

Communicating in Group Situations With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is more common than many people think. About one in seven Australians are affected by hearing ...
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15 August 2019

Different Types of Hearing Tests and Assessments

The ability to hear makes a significant impact on an individual’s daily routine. If you believe you are ...
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07 March 2019

ABC's The Checkout: Australian Hearing Industry

ABC's The Checkout featured an episode dedicated to breaking down the Australian hearing industry. Attune Hearing proudly supports ...
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16 January 2019

$2.5 Million Fine Follows ACCC Investigation

In November 2018, the Federal Court fined two hearing aid retailers, Oticon Australia Pty Ltd (Oticon) and Sonic ...
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19 December 2018

ACCC Highlight Key Issues In Industry Investigation

In 2017, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released a document labelled, ‘Issues around the sale of ...
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