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Attune & RACQ

Attune Hearing & RACQ RACQ Membership Benefits for Queenslanders

As part of our on-going support for Queenslanders, Attune Hearing has partnered with RACQ to extend our services and unique benefits to 1.7 million RACQ members across the state.

Like our long-standing partner RACQ, we are a Queensland-founded company with headquarters in Brisbane City. Over 25 of the 50 Attune Hearing clinics are located in Queensland, making Attune Hearing the home of Queensland Audiology.

Attune Hearing is Australia’s largest independently accredited hearing healthcare provider. Built on a medical foundation, we focus on finding the best solutions for our patients, through specialised diagnostic hearing tests and individualised, result-focussed care.

We are proud to serve Queenslanders of all ages who are living with different levels of hearing loss or hearing impairments. Our audiologists are university-educated and highly-trained healthcare professionals who strive to find the best solutions for their patients and are dedicated to making a positive difference in their lives.

Our exclusive offer to RACQ Members

Free Diagnostic Hearing Test

Attune Hearing is offering diagnostic hearing tests at no extra cost to you if you can provide a medical referral from your General practitioner (GP) alongside your RACQ members card.

An Attune Hearing accredited audiologist will undertake a variety of tests to assess your hearing and determine if there are any areas for greater concern should a hearing loss be detected.

How to book a hearing test:
  • Step 1: Call us on 1300 736 702.
  • Step 2: Request a “full diagnostic hearing test”.
  • Step 3: Notify the representative that you are an RACQ member with a doctor’s referral.

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30% off Instore Listed Hearing Aids

Attune Hearing offers RACQ members hearing aids from the largest and most reputable hearing aid brands at a 30% discount*. Hearing aids from Attune Hearing come in a variety of discrete shapes, prices and features to best match your lifestyle, budget and hearing loss.

How to enquire:
  • Step 1: Call Attune’s patient helpline on 1300 736 702.
  • Step 2: Notify the representative that you are an RACQ member.
  • Step 3: Request a full diagnostic test to decide on a hearing aid.

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Supporting Regional Queensland

Attune Hearing has a 25-year history supporting regional Queensland. Many of our audiology clinics are located in remote areas where hearing services are not offered by anyone else. In some regional centres, our clinics are the only full-time, full-service audiological practices that do not rely on fly-in-fly-out clinicians.


Question – Can I trial a hearing aid before I commit?

Yes! Getting a hearing aid is a life-changing decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We believe it’s crucial that you’re well-informed and satisfied with the hearing aids you are investing in. That’s why we offer one-week hearing aid trials and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our hearing aids. Visit our website to learn more about hearing aid trials.

Question – Can I take advantage of both RACQ offers?

Yes! Both the RACQ members offers can be used together (Option 1 & Option 2) as listed above. By combining both options the RACQ member will determine hearing loss thresholds and be able to purchase hearing aids at the RACQ members discount rate.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to book an appointment? Simply call 1300 736 702 and speak with our friendly team located in Brisbane to discuss your options.

  • The RACQ offer is not available in conjunction or connection with any other Attune Hearing offer, discount promotion, sale or marketing activity. The offer is a 30% discount off the Attune Hearing listed clinic price on one or two hearing aids.
  • The RACQ offer is only available to RACQ member cardholders.
  • The RACQ members offer requires a current RACQ members card (digital or hard copy) to be presented at the point in which you attend your appointment.
  • The RACQ members card discount entitles the card owner (digital or hard copy) on the RACQ members card a 30% discount on one or two hearing aids.The members offer may be redeemed once per calendar year per members card number (digital or hard copy).
  • The members offer is only available on Attune Hearing stocked hearing aids and the member must be capable of attending a local Attune Hearing clinic to redeem the offer. By attending the clinic the RACQ member acknowledges that they will be required to conduct a full diagnostic hearing test with an Attune qualified Audiologist and then be required to discuss the hearing aid options with the Audiologist. The RACQ member understands that a second (no cost to you) appointment will be required to fit the hearing device.
  • The RACQ member is entitled to a free 1 week trial of one or two hearing aids selected with them before purchasing their preferred hearing aid and obtaining the RACQ members offer.

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We’d love to hear from you

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