University Qualified Audiologists

Highest level of accreditation and skill

Graduates Recruited
Attune is fortunate enough to have both recently qualified
audiologists and Senior 
Audiologists. This means that we
have fresh information always coming to our clinics, as
well as the years of experience that comes with a long
term practicing audiologist.

Hearing Aid Specialists
Attune employs University Qualified audiologists, therefore
our clients will be provided specialised knowledge about hearing
aids, reassuring them a product is suited to their needs.

Diagnostic Specialists
All Audiologists are diagnostic specialists. Attune audiologists have
been able detect a number of underlying issues (missed by others
in the industry) and assisted numerous patients in their hearing
health matters. It is vital that clients have a diagnostic test,
conducted by an Audiologist, before proceeding with hearing aids.
This is because if an underlying hearing problem, such as a tumor
is found, this must be investigated further, before a hearing related
product is fitted.

Training and Professional Development
Attune audiologists are given ongoing training and development.
This ensures that our audiologists remain up to date with the latest
hearing health research and technology. 

Commitment to innovation
and personal development


Attune encourages personal growth within its organisation. Our clinic staff participate
in some of Australia’s leading industry 
affiliates and training programs.

Education is the pivotal factor in our company's development in the future, and staff
undergo regular training and 
professional development to ensure our compliance; 
code of 
ethics and professional standards remain market leading and respective
governing industry bodies.

Attune works in collaboration with Salus University, USA to provide education
opportunities of the highest standard. 

Attune's Audiologists


Attune’s audiology team is among the most respected
in the country. Our focus on delivering the highest level
of audiological service in Australia has resulted in
Attune diversifying across all facets of the industry.
Attune supports Audiologists who look for innovation
in diagnostic testing, implant programs and new technologies
providing our clients with a service beyond that of our competitors.

Our Audiologists understand that the best outcome is a careful
balance between client feedback and a solid theoretical and
diagnostic analysis of each and every client. 

Attune employees


Attune’s employees are the life blood of our organisation.
Their empathy,
expertise and commitment provide our
clients with the highest professional
standard of hearing
healthcare. Attune’s success and continued growth 
has been founded on employing the most highly qualified
hearing health
professionals from our clinical staff and
audiologists to our national network
of supporting Ear,
Nose and Throat specialists.