Do I need treatment?

If you have one or more of the following you
may be suitable for Tinnitus Treatment:


•   Tinnitus with or without associated hearing loss.

•   Experiencing sleep disturbance due to tinnitus.

•   Finding it hard to relax due to tinnitus.

•   Feel your tinnitus is out of control.

•   Feel your tinnitus is interfering with your ability to hear.

•   Sensitive to moderate or loud sounds.

•   Tinnitus is still disturbing after hearing aid fitting.

Tinnitus Treatment 

and Management

•   Targets the neurological, audiological and psychological aspects of your tinnitus.

•   Management is customised to your individual tinnitus and hearing profile.

•   Treatment is comprehensive and non–invasive.

•   Treatment is aimed at retraining or reversing the connections between the auditory,

limbic and autonomic nervous system to achieve change.

•   Management is monitored by Attune specialist audiologists.

What are the treatment steps?

Step 1
Tinnitus and hearing assessment by Attune specialist audiologist.

Step 2

Explanation of the auditory and neurological pathways relevant in 
understanding tinnitus.

Step 3

Appropriate Tinnitus Management model recommended.

How Tinnitus Treatment Works

Tinnitus is very common and affects millions of people around 
the world. Tinnitus is a phantom auditory perception and this 
auditory sensation is not related to an external sound.

Although there is no cure for tinnitus you can successfully learn 
to manage your tinnitus thus limiting emotional effects.

Taking control of your tinnitus

Most people have experienced a form of tinnitus which can be a sensation in the ears
of buzzing, hissing, ringing or crickets chirping. Often the sensation occurs after
hearing a loud noise but it is usually temporary.

For people with chronic tinnitus, life becomes difficult, even traumatic. Constant awareness of this ‘noise’ affects their ability to sleep, work, relax, socialise, and function normally. The resulting stress and anxiety can dominate their life and rob them of simple daily pleasures.

Many have tried everything from acupuncture to drug therapy to make the persistant noises they hear stop. Tinnitus Treatment helps to relieve these symptoms and allows you to reclaim your life.

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