Attune Hearing welcomes the investigation by the ACCC into the unregulated hearing industry. Attune Hearing audiologists are members of and follow the strict Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics as directed by their professional body - Audiology Australia. Attune Hearing only employs postgraduate, university qualified audiologists to conduct all clinical hearing tests.

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Hearing aid styles 

to suit every hearing 
loss and lifestyle!

•   Lyric - "The contact lense for your ear" (100% invisible)

•   Completely in Canal

•   In the Ear/ In the Canal

•   MicroBehind The Ear

•   Behind the Ear

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Hearing Tests / Audiometric Testing

> Manage multiple worksites, systematically across Australia

> Corporate rates for 60+ workers!

> Audiometric Testing

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Attune’s Medical 

We are Australian, we are medically 
based and we care about you.

You trust your GP, your GP trusts Attune.

Medical foundation
Independent of manufacturers
University qualified Audiologists
Ear, Nose & Throat  Specialists (ENT)

Medical foundation

Independent of manufacturers

University qualified Audiologists

Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists (ENT)

Attune is supported and supports medical professionals seeking to determine your hearing health diagnosis.


Our independence from hearing aid manufacturers gives you the choice in brands, styles and prices with our recommendations!


Attune employs university qualified hearing healthcare professionals in each and every clinic.


Attune provides a direct referral pathway to ENT’s with limited waiting periods.


NEWS FLASH | 5/10/15

Is the hearing aid industry taking patients for a ride?

ABC 7:30 Report | Reporter Elysse Morgan 


Attune is Australia's largest independent hearing company, meaning that we are 
not owned by, nor affiliated with hearing aid manufacturers. Attune has a strong 
medical foundation with all audiologists supported and supervised by Ear, Nose 
and Throat (ENT) Specialists.