Hearing protection (PPE)
for all occasions


Custom made for all water activities!

Many people experience regular ear infections, ear pain, “swimmer’s ear”
and other problems 
when continually exposing their ears to water.  

Individuals who have a hole in their ear drum (such as a perforation
or a grommet) run the
risk of letting germs and bacteria into their

middle ear when exposed to large amounts of water.

Attenuated ear plugs

Custom earplugs provided
for music enthusiasts!

Common reasons for use:

•   Attenuated earplugs do not hinder sound for musicians

•   Long hours of wear 

•   Customised fit - every ear canal is different 

•   Musicians 

•   Motorcycles

Types of Hearing Protection

Have you under protected or over protected your employees?

Like all worksite protective equipment, there is a variety of hearing protection from which to choose. In Australia, strict Government controls determine the type of hearing protection worn and its class of attenuation against harmful noise. To determine the type and class of hearing protection required for your employees protection, a noise assessment is required.

Choosing Hearing Protection

Making the right decisions

•     Have you had a noise assessment to determine the level of risk?

•     What class of protection is required (Don't know? See point one)

•     Have  any of your employees, an existing hearing loss? 

•     How often is hearing protection removed and then reused?

•     What temperature and level of humidity is in the working environment?

•     What is the preferred design and choice in comfort?

Advancements in Technology

Noise cancelling and speech enhancement 

New technology advancements developed recently now simultaneously combine speech enhancement in noisy environments whilst delivering the same levels of protection required by Australian Government Law.

Such technologies enable the user to remain aware of their working environment and communicate with ease, thus reducing risk in hazardous environments.

Custom ear plugs

Custom earplugs provide a long term, comfortable  
and affordable solution to protecting your hearing.

Common reasons for use:

•  Environments are too hot for earmuffs

•  Water sports

•  Customised fit as every ear canal is different

•  Cost effective compared with disposable ear protection

•  Attenuated earplugs do not hinder sound for musicians  

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Indicators that you may have hearing damage

If you experience any of the following, it couldbe an indication
that your hearing has been temporarily or permanently damaged.

•  Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

•  Sounds are unclear

•  Muffled sounds

•  Difficulty hearing after being exposed to loud sounds

•  Sensitivity to loud sounds

•  Difficulty hearing in noisy environments

•  Risk of bacteria if you have perforation or grommet