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Education and Training

Tailored training programs for your business

Attune Workplace Hearing can help to facilitate a tailored training program for your business under Section 5.8 ‘Information, Training and Instruction’ in the Code of Practice for Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at Work:


Contents of a typical Training Program by Attune Workplace Hearing shall include the following:

  • The health and safety responsibilities of each party at the workplace
  • How hearing can be affected by exposure to noise
  • The detrimental effects hearing loss and tinnitus have on the quality of life, both at work and socially.
  • The tasks at the workplace that have the potential to give rise to hearing loss and the likely noise exposure level
  • How to select, fit, wear, maintain and store hearing protectors
  • How to report defects in hearing protectors and noise control equipment or raise any concerns regarding hazardous noise
  • The purpose and nature of audiometric testing

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