Audiometric Testing reviews
and direct
referral pathways

Attune offers its the clients the highest standard in workplace
hearing healthcare. Each and every test is either conducted by
an Audiologist or witnessed by an Audiologist.

If an employee fails their hearing test a recommendation is provided
for a comprehensive diagnostic test. This test determines the type of
hearing loss and in which area of the ear the issue has occurred.

A full diagnostic test is aimed at clearing the employee from any underlying
medical issues that may be harmful, even deadly. If a major issue does arise,
your employee has a direct referral pathway to an Attune Ear, Nose and Throat
Specialist without the hinderance of long waiting lists. 
This full referral pathway
is why Attune is the leading national hearing health provider. 
It is also why
many of our clients have employees who live better and in some cases
longer lives. 

Reports and follow up

Attune believes that a solid relationship with our client
requires efficiencies, compliance and affordability. 

At the completion of the hearing tests our clients are provided with
a comprehensive report. The report has been written in conjunction 
with legal documentation provided by the governing Australian bodies.
The report outlines the existing health of each employee and makes
recommendations for those who require assistance. Each report and
test is reviewed by an Attune Audiologist or supporting Ear, Nose
and Throat Specialist. 

Attune works for the employer, not the employee. Attune values the
hearing health of Australian workers and does not support opportunistic
claiming cultures within organisations.

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