About Attune Workplace

Service Offering

Attune Workplace is owned and supported by Australia’s largest privately
owned hearing healthcare company. Attune Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons
and Audiologists in partnerships ensure your account will be managed to the
highest level of medical standards available. Attunes' focus is reducing your
risk of litigation and reversing the opportunistic mindset of hearing claims.
Attune Workplace helps employers and employees to understand and meet
their statutory obligations and mitigate the productivity loss consequences
of Noise Induced Hearing Loss.


Service offering

Workplace health overview

• Mobile on-site or in-clinic hearing screenings
• Pre and post employment hearing screenings in Attune Clinics
• Occupational noise level assessments
• Advice on appropriate engineering controls for plant and workspace design
• Advice on suitable administrative controls to ensure hearing is protected
• On-site and online education and training for OHS managers
• On-site and online tool box sessions
• Advice on, and supply of, appropriate hearing protection and communication devices
• Direct referral pathway to Attune Hearing Clinics and Attune ENT Specialists
• Combines with Attune Clinics to deliver our Corporate Hearing Wellness Program

Attune Ear, Nose and
Throat Specialists

• Based in or around our Attune Hearing Clinics
• Support and supervise our Audiologists
• Review and sign off on audiology reports
• Oversee our Clinical Protocols
• Provide medico/legal reports
• Work with Attune staff to provide education and training 
• Members of Workers Compensation Boards and other statutory bodies

Attune Clinics

Australia-wide full comprehensive service offering

•   Audiometric testing / Hearing screens - Noise Code of Practice
•   Comprehensive diagnostic assessments: hearing and balance
•   Counselling and communication strategies
•   Advice on and supply of hearing aids
•   FM systems and other communication devices
•   Tinnitus: management and treatment
•   Cochlear Implants and other implantable devices
•   Direct referral pathway to Attune ENT Specialists

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