Mobile Sleep Studies

A portable sleep study is not suitable for
patients with any of the following disorders:

•   Moderate to severe pulmonary disease, COPD Neuromuscular disease 

•   Severe cardiac disease, congestive heart failure

•   Psychiatric history or other medical pissues with
     portable monitoring device use 

Furthermore, portable monitoring is not recommended
determining sleep disorders such as:

Narcolepsy, Restless legs or Periodic Limb Movement, Syndrome
Central sleep apnoea, Insomnia and Circadian rhythm disorders

The Process of a Sleep Study

Following consultation with a doctor those who suspect they might be suffering from a sleep
disorder will be offered a home-based diagnostic sleep study to exclude any organic cause
for their sleep problem. Using the latest portable digital equipment, the client undergoing
testing will be "wired" up in the evening by highly trained staff. The client will then be able
to return home to sleep with the device overnight.

In the morning, the device will be returned to the Total Sleep Care clinic and the data
(4hrs of recording) will be sent to Respiratory and Sleep Specialists for analysis. The
test is totally non-invasive, that is, no needles are involved. All sensors are attached
with water soluble glue and surgical grade adhesive tape. Parameters measured include
heart beats per minute, nasal flow and blood oxygen levels.

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