Do I Need a Hearing Test? 

Have people been complaining about you not hearing them correctly
or are you simply struggling to hear the TV as those around you turn
it down. Have you felt that people no longer engage in conversation
with you as its getting too hard or frustrating? At Attune we hear these
problems and many like them every day. We understand that there is
a variety of reasons why you're reluctant to see an Audiologist about your
concerns, that's why we encourage you, with no out of pocket expenses, 
to visit one of our clinics and chat to one of our friendly Audiologists.
They will have the answers you will like to hear!

Try answering these simple questions!

•   Do you sometimes struggle to understand speech on the telephone or TV?

•   Do you sometimes think people are not speaking clearly or even mumbling?

•   Do you often ask people to speak up or repeat themselves?

•   Do you find it difficult to understand soft speech?

•   Do you avoid or struggle to follow a conversation in a noisy place?

If you answer YES to any of these questions we recommend a professional hearing evaluation or visit an Attune clinic for an obligation free meeting with your local Audiologist.

Come talk to us today!

Why not come in and talk to an
Attune Audiologist and see what
options you do have?

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