Choosing a hearing clinic

Deciding on a clinic is not always easy due to a number of reasons.
Many Australian’s are not aware of hearing health issues and messages
and they will not know where to look for a reliable clinic. These
questions may assist when selecting a trusted hearing clinic for you.

Q1 - ‘Will I be looked after by an Audiologist?

’Many clinics do not employ Audiologists. Instead, they may hire someone who
has had no tertiary training, medical experience and or trained quickly to perform
a test as a result of relaxed laws. This is often viewed as a cheap alternative to
the labour option to staff retail orientated hearing clinics.

Q2 - ‘Will I see the same Audiologist each time?’

Some companies will make you see multiple Audiologists to fill in the booking sheet.
Like your GP, at Attune, we think it is important for you to have one dedicated
Audiologist that gets to know you and puts your best interests first. We also manage
our appointment diary so waiting times are short.

Q3 - ‘Do you offer a choice in brands?

’Many companies are owned by specific manufacturers. This means that as a client, you may
only receive the choice of one brand and a very limited range of styles. An independent clinic
will give you a range of styles, brands and manufacturers from which to choose. This is
extremely important because every ear is different and therefore a one size fits all approach,
is not appropriate in your audiological case.


Q4 - ‘Are you owned by a Manufacturer?

’There is risk associated with purchasing a hearing aid from a clinic that is owned
by a manufacturer. Risks include, not being given a choice of hearing aids and the
‘push to buy’ a product that may not be required or necessary.

Q5 - ‘Do you offer free trials?

’Many clinics may not offer any free trials, however it is very important to trial a hearing
aid so that you can ensure that the product is right for you. At Attune we believe that
clients should always trial hearing aids without the obligation to purchase.

Q6 ‘What Aftercare Program do you have available?

’Most manufacturers will sell an expensive product and sadly not provide the service of
scheduling follow up appointments or refitting, as they are focused solely on the profits
from the sale.


Why not ask your GP
for a second opinion

These questions are so important to ask because it will ensure that the patient is
getting the best value for money and the highest quality of care for their health.
Hearing is vital to everyday life and making the most out of life’s precious moments.
Therefore, it is important that clients are educated about hearing, as knowledge is power.

If you are still unsure, always consult your GP and ask them about Attune Hearing,
or call 1800 195 155 and speak to one of our friendly consultants today.