Attunes hearing philosophy

Attune believes that clients should be able to have access to as much information, relating to their hearing health, as possible. This includes a highly informative explanation of your diagnostic test results, information about hearing aid trials and recommendations from multiple hearing professionals. In turn, clients will see the unique benefits Attune offers, through the strong medical relationship on which the company was founded. The individual links below will describe and highlight information related to hearing. Getting a hearing test and considering the options after the results, can be a confusing and confronting time for clients. However, we have outlined tips, listed possible hearing products and provided detailed hearing information for our clients to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aid types will detail various hearing aid manufacturers, how hearing aids can help give clients a better quality of life and the payment and trial options available. Clients are often mislead by retail hearing aid companies, some of which are owned by manufacturers of hearing aids, as they then push product for everyone. However, at Attune, we understand that a one size fits all approach does not provide benefits to some clients, as every hearing loss is unique and different. 

Hearing and Balance Tests

This page provides information regarding diagnostic hearing tests for adults and children, hearing screens and the importance of balance tests. All clients should receive a diagnostic hearing assessment before being fitted with hearing aids, if required. This is because:

  • Not all hearing losses are appropriate for a hearing aid


  • An underlying health concern may also be found

  • You may require simple coping strategies

We need to treat before any hearing health care management is put into place. Balance tests should also be conducted if patients present symptoms. 



Tinnitus is the sound created by the brain to replace the lack of noise being registered. Tinnitus can be caused from a number of different factors. Unfortunately at this stage, like hearing loss, there is no quick fix solution to remove the sound of tinnitus altogether. However, there are a number of additional features included in hearing aid programs that greatly assist with the masking of tinnitus. As well, there are a variety of management strategies our staff can recommend to help to reduce Tinnitus and increase other sounds. 

Implant hearing devices

Implants are an option for those who no longer find the benefit from hearing aids. Attune is able to provide this unique service to all our patients, if necessary. The Attune Cochlear Implant Program, is well-known across Australia for a high standard of service and the on-going care and maintenance we provide. Implants are a unique device that is surgically implanted behind the ear. The implant bypasses the ear and directly stimulates the hearing nerve.



Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's)

Attune offers clients a range of additional products, these can assist and/or protect a patients hearing in everyday situations. We provide FM systems, usually recommended for children with auditory processing difficulties. We also have a range of Bluetooth accessories for those wanting to stream from their car, audio systems and telephones. Additionally, Attune has a large selection of hearing protection products, which is suitable for wear at work, concerts, while swimming and more! 

Your Hearing

Your hearing is a vital part of enjoying everyday life! Sadly, many of us take our hearing for granted and do not realise how easy damage can occur. Your Hearing provides you with information on how the ear works and what actually causes hearing loss. This information will assist you in recognising the signs of hearing loss and give you encouragement to have a hearing test conducted. As well, this page will discuss Your Hearing with relation to specific age demographics.

Pensioners & DVA

Attune is accredited by the Australian Government Office of Hearing Services to provide eligible pensioners, veterans, DVA clients and seniors FREE services* and FREE hearing aids*. Attune believes that no person should miss out on the joys of hearing. At Attune we provide the best standard service and quality products, at a highly competitive rate. 

Communication Tips

Whether you have a hearing impairment, or whether you know someone who does, this page will provide numerous useful tips to better communicate with others. A hearing impaired person knows all too well how hurtful it can be when someone starts to yell at them, as a means of communication. However, there are various other ways of communicating which are far more effective and pleasant for all.