Types of Hearing Aids
Attune offers many brands, types and styles!

Receiver In The Canal (RIC)

•  Very discreet and cosmetically appealing

•  No ‘blocked up’ feeling in the ear

•  Flexible if hearing is different between ears

Appearance: Clear plastic tube on outside of ear (A) 


MicroBehind The Ear (BTE)

•  Very discreet and cosmetically appealing

•  No ‘blocked up’ feeling in the ear

•  Flexible if hearing is different between ears

Appearance: Clear plastic tube on outside of ear (A)


Behind The Ear (BTE)

•  Good durability

•  Flexible if hearing changes or deteriorates

•  No ‘blocked up’ feeling in the ear

•  High power options available


Appearance: Clear plastic tube on outside of ear (A)


In The Ear/ In The Canal (ITE/ ITC)

•  Easy to manage

•  Good degree of amplification

Appearance: Matched to skin colour appears at ear canal opening (B)



 Completely in-the-ear-canal (CIC) and Micro (CIC) 

•  Very discreet and cosmetically appealing

Appearance: Small clear plastic line hidden in ear fold for retrieval (C).


Lyric (like a contact lens for the ear)

•  Completely invisible from the outside

•  No daily insertion or removal

•  No batteries, no daily maintenance

Appearance: 100% invisible


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Types of Hearing Aids 
•   Lyric - "The contact lense for your ear" (100% invisible)
•   Completely in Canal
•   In the Ear/ In the Canal
•   Micro Behind The Ear
•   Behind the Ear

Hearing aids that
are uniquely you!

The right hearing aid(s) brings back sound quality

Just as spectacles enhance your appreciation of finer visual detail,
a hearing aid(s) enhances your appreciation of the spectrum of sound.
Like prescription spectacles, today’s hearing aids are uniquely tailored
to individual needs and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some
hearing aids rest behind the ear with a small tube delivering sound
to the ear canal. Other styles fit in the outer ear, or within the ear canal.

Hearing Aids and new technology

How have hearing aids changed over the past decade?

•   Invisible styles and cosmetically appealing

•   Users no longer experience a ‘blocked up’ feeling

•   Natural sound quality

•   No whistling

•   Automatically adjusts for different listening environments

•   Reliable in humid climates

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