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Powerone Hearing Aid Batteries (Size P10 – 60 Cell Box)




About our batteries

Attue stocks only high quality batteries for hearing aids. Shopping online for hearing aid batteries may be difficult as batteries vary greatly in quality and longevity. Batteries stocked by Attune are “fresh” and have over 1 years shelf life.

How many do I need?

From our experience, the average hearing aid wearer will require to 60 cell boxes of hearing aids each year (120 total cells). This is an approximation as use and devices vary from wearer to wearer.


Please store your batteries in a cool dry place away from small children and pets.

Do Batteries expire?

Yes! Batteries do expire so please take this into consideration when purchasing hearing aid batteries online. Please be advised that Attune only stocks “fresh” batteries to ensure when they reach your door step that they have the longest possible life span.

Medical Attention

If your hearing aid batteries are swallowed please seek medical attention immediately.

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