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8 Reasons to Stop Putting Off Hearing Health

Stop Putting Off Hearing Health

One in six Australians experiences some form of hearing loss. However, many people put off doing anything about it because of the hearing loss stigma. 

Have you ever put off getting a hearing test because you think you’re managing fine? Or that your family are exaggerating your hearing loss? 

If so, here are eight reasons why you should stop and think about protecting your hearing health before it gets worse and book a hearing test at your nearest Attune Hearing clinic. 

1. Hearing Health 

Research has found that hearing loss may worsen if left unprotected, such as without amplification from hearing aids. 

Why is this? Because we hear sounds with our brain, and if we lose stimulation from the sounds we normally hear, this can affect the health of our hearing nerve and even our brain. 

A hearing test is essential in identifying and tailoring a treatment program for your hearing loss. During the hearing test, the audiologist will discover the sounds you’ve been missing and what you can do to get those sounds back and protect your hearing by keeping your hearing nerve stimulated. 

The correct hearing aids and amplification will take the stress and fatigue away that you usually suffer from while trying hard to listen. Straining to hear when you have hearing loss is tiring and can lead to emotional and mental fatigue without realising it. 

This is why it’s important to have your hearing tested regularly and protect your hearing with hearing aids. 

2. Improve Your Social Life

By getting your hearing checked and finding the proper treatment for your severity and degree, it can improve your social life. With the right hearing aids, you can listen and participate in conversations you may have missed out on with family and friends. 

Many people with hearing loss choose to withdraw from social events because they find it hard to keep up with conversations and sometimes feel embarrassed. However, getting a hearing test will help you determine the best way to protect your hearing and prevent the loneliness and social isolation that commonly comes with hearing loss. 

3. No Need for TV Subtitles

If you, your partner or your family members find it frustrating having to watch TV with subtitles all the time, getting a hearing test is the best thing to do. 

A hearing test can help you find out just how much of a hearing loss you have, and your audiologist can help you choose the right hearing aids to allow you to enjoy listening to the TV without having to read subtitles or turning up the volume. 

Boost in Confidence

4. Boost in Confidence 

If you have noticed that with your deterioration in hearing, you’ve lost confidence when it comes to social events and work because you can’t take part in conversations, a hearing test can change that! 

A hearing test can help you understand your hearing loss and help you realise just how much you’ve been missing. 

By getting hearing aids and hearing the sounds you thought you’d lost forever, you’ll have a boost in confidence. You can walk confidently into a work meeting or a catch up with friends knowing you’ll be able to participate in the conversation without straining to hear. 

5. Improvements in Technology 

With technology constantly evolving, hearing aids are better than ever. 

Dual microphones, special speech enhancers and background noise suppression will help you hear what you want to hear. 

Bluetooth-enabled can connect to your mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs. Some hearing aids can actually stream music and calls directly from your phone.

Because of the technology in some of the hearing aids, if they need adjusting, your hearing health specialist can make the necessary adjustments remotely without you having to leave the house! 

6. Improve Your Safety 

Did you know that having a test and determining your hearing loss can improve your safety? 

No matter where you are, whether at home or walking down the street if you cannot hear well, you may be putting yourself at risk. 

If you can’t hear when an alarm goes off or an emergency vehicle’s sirens screeching down the street, you need to get a hearing test. By doing this and finding a solution, you’ll be able to hear these warning signs and protect yourself in an emergency. 

Look After Your Future Hearing

7. Look After Your Future Hearing 

Hearing loss is a natural part of ageing, and it isn’t just in one ear. Most of the time, both ears are affected. 

If you have noticed that your hearing has become muffled and people seem to be mumbling, it’s a sign that you need to book a hearing test. 

Numerous studies have shown that if hearing loss goes untreated, it can have detrimental effects on your mental health and cognitive abilities. In some cases, it can increase the risk of developing dementia twice as much as people without hearing loss. 

Therefore, protecting your hearing now with hearing aids can positively impact your future hearing capabilities. 

8. Don’t Put It Off Forever 

If you feel that hearing aids aren’t for you, but you know that you struggle to hear, take the first step towards better hearing health and book a hearing test. 

A hearing test will tell you what sounds you are really hearing and how loud they are before you can hear them. 

After the test, you can ask your audiologist what you can do to protect your hearing. Don’t put off getting hearing aids forever because hearing loss left untreated may get worse. 

In A Nutshell 

Hearing loss isn’t just about getting hearing aids; it’s also about hearing health. 

Your hearing loss may be affecting your health anywhere from the mental fatigue of straining to hear to the development of dementia later on in life. 

Hearing loss, if left untreated, can quickly diminish your quality of life, your relationships and even your safety. Yet, there are so many options available with the technology within hearing aids. 

A hearing test is the first step in understanding your hearing loss; then you can decide, along with the help of your audiologist, what you can do to look after your hearing and listen to the sounds you used to hear. 

If left untreated, hearing loss can have a detrimental effect on your life. Don’t wait to start your journey toward better hearing health; book a hearing test at your nearest Attune Hearing clinic today or contact us on 1300 736 702. 

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