The Top 10 Reasons To Stop Putting Off Your Hearing Health
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10 Reasons To Stop Putting Off Your Hearing Health And Invest in Hearing Aids

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A hearing health check should be part of your annual check-up. It is quick, easy and can open many options for you to make your life easier. Below, we’ve listed the top ten reasons to stop putting off your hearing health and book a hearing test at your local Audiology clinic. We will also address amplification with consideration of brand new hearing aid technology. 

1.A review can reassure you that your hearing is normal

If you feel your hearing is good, a test can confirm this and you’re off the hook for another two to three years. You can inform your family that it is not you that can’t hear, but that they are not communicating well. 

2.Benefit from early hearing aid fitting

If new hearing aid technology is recommended to you after your hearing test, you will have a greater chance of loving and wearing the hearing aid if you catch your loss early. Hearing aids these days are tiny and often resemble very small silicon domes that sit in your ear – but only if you address your hearing loss early. If your hearing loss worsens, you will need a bigger mold attached to your hearing device.

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3.Better acclimatise to new sounds

Early fitting of hearing aids, when your loss is mild, allows for a better chance to get used to the new sounds through your hearing aid. Thanks to new hearing aid technology, the less power required, the more natural things will sound to you, and the more you will love your hearing aid. 

4.Hearing aids help to prevent cognitive decline 

More and more research is showing a correlation between hearing loss and Dementia. We know that hearing aids can stimulate both the auditory cortex and the social areas of the brain. This in turn keeps the brain sharp and slows any decline that may be occurring. 

Modern hearing aid technology can help to improve your memory. If you have a hearing loss and struggle to keep up with a conversation, your brain is working harder than it needs to just to hear and understand. When it is rushing to decode speech, it doesn’t have time to file information in your memory as well as it should. 

Wearing hearing aids will ease the workload of the brain which enables it to file thoughts away in an orderly manner, enabling you to retrieve them more easily. 

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5.Hearing aids can improve social involvement 

Research tells us that people with hearing loss often become withdrawn, socially isolated, depressed and anxious than those with normal hearing because they are unable to communicate socially in groups. 

Social activities also stimulate certain areas of the brain that deteriorate without this social engagement. A hearing aid is but one way to improve your ability to hear in groups and background noise, which will activate more areas of the brain and keep you involved in the things you love.

6.Prevent your speech from becoming blurry

Auditory deprivation is the term used to describe the blurriness of speech despite wearing a hearing aid. You may even perform the hearing test equally well but notice that words are not clear. 

This is because your auditory nerve has not been exercised with hearing aids. You must use it or lose it. A hearing aid is an excellent and easy way to keep your auditory nerve stimulated and active thus retaining your speech clarity. 

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7. Pensioners can have a fully subsidised test 

If you receive a pension, are under 26 years of age, are a veteran or Indigenous person over 50 years old, your hearing health check is fully subsidised. If not, you can access free 15-minute screenings in your local community at all Attune Hearing clinics. Your hearing health check does not have to cost money. 

8.Hearing aids are better than they have even been 

Modern hearing aid technology offers a range of features that are new and different to what you would have found in hearing aids five years ago. If you know someone that regularly leaves their hearing aids in a drawer, it may be time to review the upgrades that have occurred in recent times. For example, new hearing aids commonly have Bluetooth, allowing you to speak on the phone and hear the conversation in both ears without holding the phone to your ear. Modern hearing aids are linked and analyse and manage sound as a pair, not individually.

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9.Get your family off your back

If you feel that your family doesn’t communicate well with you – they may walk away when they are talking, or mumble, you can have your hearing health check to assure them that your hearing is good. If you still can’t hear them, that lets us know they need to talk directly to your face. With a new hearing aid, you will be doing everything you can to hear them and they will quit nagging you to get a hearing aid.

10.Hearing loss separates you from things you love 

The saying goes, “Blindness separates you from things, but deafness separates you from people”. Thanks to new hearing technology you will hear children’s chatter much better, the bush like you used to, people on the phone more easily, family gatherings will be more pleasurable. Getting a hearing health check early will enable you to wind the clock back and regain some of your independence. 

A hearing health check is quick and easy. Do the best you can for your hearing, your brain and your family, and book your hearing test at a local Attune Hearing clinic today. Give us a call at 1300 736 702 or book your appointment online

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