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10 Reasons to Stop Putting off Your Hearing Health

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Many people struggle with hearing loss and put off doing anything about it. This can have many reasons: Maybe they do not want a hearing test because they feel that they are managing perfectly well and do not need to protect their hearing. 

Perhaps their significant others have told them they need a hearing test but they decide not to because they don’t want to make a fuss. If any of this applies to you, here are 10 reasons why you should protect your hearing health and book a hearing test today

Learn Why You Should Get Your Hearing Tested

1. Hearing Loss Can Gradually Become Worse 

Hearing research shows that a hearing loss may get worse if it is left untreated. Why? Because we use our brain to hear sounds. If we lose some of the stimulation from the sounds that we normally hear, this can affect the health of our hearing nerve and even our brain. 

Protecting your hearing health is essential. Taking a holistic approach to your hearing health can help to preserve your hearing and prevent your hearing loss from getting worse. A hearing test is essential in identifying and tailoring a treatment plan for your hearing loss. 

A hearing test will determine what sounds you have been missing and what can be done to give you back these sounds and protect your hearing by keeping your hearing nerve stimulated and healthy. A good treatment plan for your hearing health with the correct amplification can also take the stress and fatigue out of listening. 

Straining to hear when you have a hearing loss is very tiring and can lead to both emotional and mental fatigue without you realising it. This is why it is so important to have your hearing tested regularly and to protect your hearing with hearing aids.

2. Enhance Your Social Life

Having a hearing test followed by the right rehabilitation for your hearing loss can also enhance your social life by bringing you back into the conversations you may be missing out on. Many people with hearing loss withdraw from social engagements because they find these situations tricky. 

Sometimes they don’t want people to know that they have a hearing loss and are worried that they may give themselves away or become annoying to their friends if they keep asking for people to repeat themselves. 

They may avoid having a hearing test and ignore the problem. Yet, having a hearing test with your hearing specialist will help you determine the best plan action to protect your hearing and prevent loneliness from social isolation.

enhance the life

3. Enhance the Life of Your Significant Other

Many people do not realise the impact of their hearing loss on their loved ones. This is, however, very real. Your significant other may also be struggling with your hearing loss. If your loved ones have been urging you to have a hearing test, please do so. 

By having a hearing test and finding out more about your hearing health you can then protect your hearing from getting worse and in turn protect your relationships from unnecessary strain. Having a hearing test and doing something about your hearing can truly enrich your life by giving you and your loved ones the joy of sound, laughter and conversation. 

Protecting your hearing by wearing the right hearing aids for you can help you to stop missing out on all the wonderful sounds around you that enrich our lives.

4. No More Subtitles When Watching TV

Listen to the television at a volume that is comfortable for everybody. A hearing test can help you find out just how serious your hearing loss is. Your hearing specialist can help you select the right hearing aids for you and allow you to enjoy listening to the television again – without subtitles or having to turn up the volume.

5. Your Confidence will Grow 

Take back control of your life both socially and at work. If you are working and missing out on important things that your colleagues are talking about in meetings or just missing out on the fun of a good conversation with your friends at a restaurant, then having a hearing test is a simple solution. 

A hearing test can help you to better understand your hearing loss and even see just how much you have really been missing out on. Regaining your hearing can give you back your confidence! When you know that you can walk into a meeting and hear every word, your confidence will inevitably grow.

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6. Improvements in Appearance

Don’t put off your hearing test. There is a great range of hearing products to choose from today. Did you know that some hearing aids are now so small and discreet that no one can even tell you are wearing them? The smallest hearing aids suit mild to moderate hearing losses so if you do not protect your hearing early enough you might miss out on having these tiny hearing aid options. 

7. Improvements in Technology

Hearing aid technology is now better than ever. These tiny devices include Bluetooth, wireless and remote-control apps so that you can adjust them easily from your mobile phone. Dual microphones, special speech enhancers and clever background noise suppression will help you hear what you want to hear. 

Bluetooth enabled hearing aids will actually stream your caller’s voice directly to your hearing aids so that you can hear them more clearly. You can also listen to music or movies from your mobile phone streamed directly to your hearing aids.

8. Stay Safe

Did you know that having a hearing test can protect more than just your hearing health? Whether you are at work, at home or out and about in your daily life, if you can’t hear well you may be putting yourself at unnecessary risk. You may not be able to hear warning sounds or alarms both at home and at work. 

You need to hear oncoming traffic whenever you cross a road. All this is vital for your safety. Protecting your hearing by regularly having your hearing tested is just as important for your safety as it is for other aspects of your health. 

9. Safeguard your Future

As we age, we tend to lose our hearing and it is not necessarily just in one ear, both our ears are usually affected. If you are noticing that more and more people seem to mumble these days and you just aren’t catching what they have said, this is a good sign that you may need to have a hearing test. 

Studies show that untreated hearing loss can greatly impact your mental health and cognitive capabilities. It can even increase the risk of developing dementia twice as much as people without hearing loss. Protecting your hearing with hearing aids could help to prevent this by increasing your quality of life, giving back your ability to socialise. 

never say never

10. Never say Never

Perhaps you feel that hearing aids aren’t for you but you are aware that you still struggle to hear. Take the first step and get your hearing tested. A hearing test will tell you what sounds you are really hearing and how loud they are before you can actually hear them. Ask your hearing specialist what you can do to protect your hearing and never say never to hearing aids when you have a hearing loss. A hearing loss left untreated may get worse over time.

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Remember, hearing loss may be affecting your health in many ways: From the mental fatigue of straining to hear to the potential development of dementia in later life. It affects you, your family and everyone close to you. 

Hearing loss can diminish the quality of your social and work life, even your safety can be at risk. Yet, there are so many options with the hearing aid technology available these days. Hearing loss does not need to negatively affect your life. 

A hearing test with Australia’s only accredited hearing healthcare provider, Attune Hearing, is the first step to determine the type and severity of your hearing loss. Afterwards, your hearing specialist can guide you through all the options that are best suited for your hearing loss. 

Don’t wait. Book your hearing test today and protect your hearing health.

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