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Are Invisible Hearing Aids Better Than Regular Hearing Aids?

The decision of getting hearing aids is for good reason considered a huge milestone. It is a big step to take. You may have already formed an idea of the type of hearing aid that is right for you. But when it comes to choosing the right hearing aid for you, there are many factors to consider.

Invisible hearing aids are a very popular option for people considering hearing aids for the first time. However, there are some things you need to discuss with your audiologist to make an informed decision about which hearing aid best meets your personal needs and preferences.

Choosing the Right Style of Hearing Aids

There are many styles of hearing aids out there in the market, some of the major styles of hearing aids include behind-the-ear, receiver-in-the-ear, in-the-ear, bone-anchored hearing aids and the more discreet ‘invisible’ options. 

These invisible options come in many sub-types, including ‘invisible-in-the-canal’, ‘completely-in-the-canal’, and invisible extended wear hearing aids. These devices are often extremely discreet and cosmetically appealing. The ‘invisible-in-the-canal’ and ‘completely-in-the-canal’ options are specifically tailored and custom made for your ears. This means they provide a more secure and comfortable fit for your ears.

On the other hand, invisible extended wear hearing aids, often known as the ‘contact lenses’ of hearing aids can be fitted to your ears by an accredited audiologist. They are designed for convenience, and you are able to wear these hearing aids in your ears 24/7 without the need to remove them for sleeping, exercising or even showering. 

It is critical to undergo a comprehensive audiological assessment with your accredited audiologist before proceeding with any of the sub-types of invisible hearing aids to determine whether you meet the necessary criteria for these hearing aids. Choosing the right style of hearing aids can have a significant impact on the overall sound quality you experience from the hearing aids, the power of the hearing aids as well as the comfort and fit of the hearing aids in your ears.

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Benefits of Invisible Hearing Aids

  • Discreetness

Modern hearing aids are very discreet and offer excellent sound quality. One of the major benefits of invisible hearing aids is the discreteness and high cosmetic appeal in comparison with other styles of hearing aids. As they are custom made for your ears, you can expect a more secure and comfortable fit with the hearing aids. Once they are inserted correctly in your ears, they are invisible to the naked eye.

  • Convenience

Another benefit is the convenience of invisible hearing aids. They are compact and can be carried with you to work, social gatherings or any other places you would like to use them in. One of the great advantages of invisible extended wear hearing aids is the convenience of them for people living busy lifestyles. 

For example, if you are someone who enjoys a busy lifestyle involving work, exercising, socialising and other activities, you may find the convenience of not having to remove the hearing aids or change the batteries of the hearing aids to be ideal. These hearing aids require very low maintenance, and regularly scheduled service appointments are made with your audiologist to ensure they are in good working condition at all times.

Limitations of Invisible Hearing Aids

  • The severity of your hearing loss

Invisible hearing aids come with great benefits and cosmetic appeal, however, it is always essential to consider the limitations of them to make an informed decision with your audiologist. There is a limitation to the severity of hearing loss that invisible hearing aids can help amplify, this means it is crucial to undergo a comprehensive audiological assessment prior to making the decision to obtain invisible hearing aids to ensure you meet the criteria.

  • Dexterity

As invisible hearing aids, including ‘invisible-in-the-canal’ and ‘completely-in-the-canal’, are very small and compact, this means the management of the hearing aids require a higher level of dexterity. The hearing aid user or carer for the hearing aid user needs to be able to independently manage the regular changing of small batteries, cleaning and maintenance of the hearing aids, and have the ability to correctly insert and remove them from their ears.

Learn out to properly clean and take care of your hearing aids.

  • Reduced battery life

The batteries of these hearing aids are often smaller in size in order to fit into the compact invisible hearing aids. This means the battery life of the hearing aids are often reduced and requires regular changing of the batteries and increase in battery supply. These are all factors to consider when deciding whether invisible hearing aids are an ideal option for you.


Different Ears Require Different Hearing Aids

Everybody has different shaped ears, it is always important to consider the shape and size of your ears when choosing the most suitable hearing aid for you. As invisible hearing aids, including ‘invisible-in-the-canal’ and ‘completely-in-the-canal’ hearing aids, are custom made for your ears, this can determine the size of the hearing aids in your ears, as well as the comfort, features and overall sound quality of the hearing aids. 

It is important to have the initial consultation with your accredited audiologist to ensure proper measurement of your ears are made, and safe mold impressions of your ears are made for the hearing aids. To schedule an appointment with an accredited, independent audiologist near you, get in touch with our friendly staff!

Your Hearing Health is in Your Hands

In summary, there are many styles of hearing aids out there on the market, and invisible hearing aids may be an option for you to consider. However, it is crucial to have the initial consultation with your accredited audiologist and undergo a comprehensive audiological assessment first. 

For more information about the most suitable style of hearing aids for you or to make an appointment with a local Attune Hearing clinic, book online or give us a call!

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