Noise and hearing
Education & Training

Attune Workplace, provides a comprehensive education
and training program for managers and supervisors on
all aspects of the Noise Code of Practice as well as safe
hearing healthcare for your employees.


Educational Programs 

for Employees

Attune Workplace, through a range of tailored education
programs for individual employees or groups will improve
employee participation in relation to noise issues.
Employees will be informed on how to prevent the life
time consequences of noise induced hearing loss and
the negative impact on future lifestyle.

Tailored Workshops

Attune can tailor a ‘hearing and noise” workshop to
meet your organisation’s needs. The program can
range from full certificate training in screening
audiometry, to understanding your statutory
obligations, to basic training in occupational noise
levels assessments.

Attune specialists are also available to present at or attend
your workplace health and safety committee or toolbox
meetings. Attune Workplace provides comprehensive hearing
solutions for employers and employees.

Education & the Code of Practice

The relevant Noise Code of Practice requires employers to provide information and training on noise awareness to individuals in workplaces which are likely to be exposed to an L Aeq 8h greater than 75dB(A).

•    The health and safety responsibilities of each employee at the workplace

•    How hearing can be affected by risks arising from exposure to noise

•    The risks from ototoxins on employee hearing health

•    Managing tasks at work that increase the risk to hearing loss

•    How to practically implement noise control measures

•    How to select, fit, wear, maintain and store personal hearing protectors

•    Report defects in hearing protectors and noise control equipment

•    How to raise any concerns regarding hazardous noise

•   The purpose and nature of audiometric screening