Noise testing, surveys and services

Compliance, monitoring, analysis and reporting

A person conducting a business or undertaking has a primary duty under the
WHS Act to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that employees and
other workers are not exposed to health and safety risks arising from the
business or undertaking. A Noise Assessment of your workplace will determine
the level of risk your employees are exposed to and determine how this risk
can be managed and to what effect.

A Noise Assessment is your first step to complying to the Noise Code of Practice.

Noise Assessments

Reports include; request a sample

•   Compliance, noise reduction and monitoring

•   Site surveying, reporting and monitoring

•   Employee tracking, monitoring and reporting

•   Site evaluations pre and post development

Occupational Noise

• Noise Surveys and mapping
• Dosimetry
• Noise Management systems
• Noise Control Planning
• Exposure reduction strategy
• Engineering noise controls

Environmental Noise

• Environmental Noise Impact assessment
• Noise Prediction and contours
• Source identification and control
• Construction and noise assessment

Design Services

• Facility design
• ALARP (Reducing Noise To As Low As Reasonably Practicable)
• Engineering support
• HVAC noise assessment
• Facility exposure mapping
• Assessment of vendor data
• Acceptance testing
• Document preparation and review

Vibration + Dust

• Human vibration surveys

• Ground-borne vibration and blast monitoring

Underwater Noise

• Underwater noise modelling
• Noise Monitoring
• Marine Fauna impact assessment