Audiometric Testing service

We all have ears, so we all have the risk of hearing loss!

Attune has worked in and around workplaces since 1986, consistently providing
the highest standard in workplace hearing healthcare. Our medical foundation is
our point of difference and provides a quality of care throughout our service offering.

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Attune Workplace is owned and supported by Australia’s largest privately
owned hearing healthcare company. Attune Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists
and Audiologists in partnerships, ensure your employees hearing health is
managed at medical standards. Attune will focus is reducing your company's
risk of litigation and reversing the opportunistic mindset of hearing claims
of employees,
by providing a supportive hearing and risk aware culture.

Corporate partnerships

Attune has corporate partnerships Australia-wide
with some of Australia's largest councils, mining,
manufacturing, and transport companies.Call our
team on: 1300 998 682