Monitoring Audiometric testing
to full hearing examinations  

Mobile on-site or in-clinic

Attune Hearing offers clients a logistical solution to any
workplace budget beyond legislative requirements and
at no additional charge. How? By testing your employees
with a trained Audiologist and reviewing each screen with
our ENT partners.

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Noise Code of Practice (NCP)

Regulation 58 - Audiometric Testing

• "Audiometric testing must be provided within three months of commencing work."

• "Regular follow-up tests must be carried out at least every two years."

• "More frequent audiometric testing (e.g. every six months) may be needed 
    if exposures are higher, which is equal or 
greater than 100 dB"

Noise Code of Practice, 2011. (P. 19), Section 7.7

Pricing options

Attune offers four pricing options for hearing tests

1)  In-clinic:   Attune offers its clients over 50 clinics nationally
2) On-site:    Attune offers its clients the option of a mobile on-site clinic
3) On-site:    Quiet room - determined by a brief noise assessment 

4) Corporate Partnerships Program
     The partnership is aimed at servicing large corporate clients who:


•   manage employees over a greater geographic area

•   manage large numbers of employees

•   wish to implement a standardised procedure and annual review 

•   will require either a fast or staged period of testing time

Attune Hearing Tests

Every Attune hearing test is reviewed by
our ENT surgeons and by an Audiologist

Noise induced hearing loss is PERMANENT, MEASURABLE, COSTLY, but also PREVENTABLE.

Attune Workplace helps employers to understand and meet their statutory obligations
and mitigate the productivity loss consequences of noise induced hearing loss. We also
partner with employers as part of their ongoing wellness programs by offering a range
of benefits to your employees and their families. Set out on the right is a summary of
the component parts of Attune and how we can partner with your organisation to mitigate
risk, improve productivity and ensure the ongoing hearing wellness of your employees
and their families.

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