Hearing Corporate
Wellness Program

The Attune Corporate Wellness Program will allow your employees and their 
immediate families to enjoy a range of “member benefits”, which include: 

•   FREE hearing check for adults and immediate family 

•   FREE “back-to-school” hearing check for children in January

•   Priority appointments in Attune Hearing Clinics 

•   Corporate rates on products – Hearing aids, communication devices including 
     FM systems, custom moulded ear plugs, musicians ear savers, sleep and noise 
     plugs, batteries and all other accessories 

•   Inclusion of a minimum 12 month service package with all hearing aid sales

•   Access to our hearing wellness education program

•   Priority appointments with our Ear Nose and Throat Specialists. The Attune Corporate 
     Wellness Program comes at NO COST to the employer or their employees, but provides 
     great value for your employees and their families

How Do Your Employees
Access the Program?

The employer gives all employees a co-branded letter which includes the benefits and
contact phone numbers for Attune clinics. 
The employee calls the local Attune clinic
and makes an appointment for themselves or their immediate family member(s),
stating they have been introduced to the clinic by the Attune Corporate Wellness Program.

Attune’s Workplace team will work with your people to establish a suitable communications
program to promote and support the “benefits to members” through the Corporate Wellness Program.

The Attune Corporate Wellness Program is a collaboration between the employer, Attune Clinics,
Attune Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons and Attune Workplace.

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