Frequently asked sleep questions!

What is an apnoea?

An apnoea is described by the absence of breath and occurs 
when the air passage to the lungs collapses during sleep.

Will my private health provider cover any costs?

It depends on what sort of cover you have but in the majority of cases you will get some
kind of refund from the purchase of a new machine or mask. Unfortunately, most private
health funds don't provide rebate for hire costs or purchase of parts. There is no harm
in asking though!

If I snore, does this mean I have Sleep Apnoea?


Not necessarily, but it is one of the most common symptoms of Sleep Apnoea. It is good
practice to discuss your concerns with your GP and get referred for a Sleep Study
to confirm either way.

What is a Hypopnea?

A Hypopnea is the stage before the apnoea occurs which is where
the airway is partially closed for a period of 10 seconds or more.

I wake up and my mask is off!


If you take it off while you are asleep, then you are probably not getting
enough pressure and your airway is still obstructing. If you have gained
weight since your initial Sleep Study the CPAP pressure may be insufficient.
The pressure may also be insufficient if there is an air leak. Ensure your mask
is not too big or too old, and that the headgear has not become stretched
with age making it incapable of holding your mask in place.

Do you sell other products that 

help with Sleep Apnoea?


Yes, for those who have mild Sleep Apnoea requiring positional
devices, we do stock both Anti-snore shirts and Bumber Belts which
are designed to keep the wearer from sleeping on their back. This is
supposed to help reduce snoring and the numbers of apnoeas that
occur during the night, as they tend to worsen when sleeping on your
back. They can also be used with your CPAP if you wish.


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