Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Apnoea has other symptoms like irritability, fuzzy
headedness, poor focus and increased nocturnal urination.
Many of our clients report a variety of abnormal symptoms.
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Common signs and symptoms  

•   It takes more than 30 minutes to fall asleep at night

•   You awaken frequently in the night and then have trouble falling back to sleep again

•   You awaken too early in the morning

•   You frequently don’t feel well refreshed despite spending 7-8 hours or more in bed at night

•   You feel sleepy during the day and fall asleep within 5 minutes if you have the opportunity to nap, or you fall asleep at inappropriate times during the day.

•   Your bed partner claims you snore loudly, snort, gasp or make choking sounds while you sleep, or your partner notices your breathing stops for short periods

•   You have creeping, tingling or crawling feelings in your legs that are relieved by moving or massaging them, especially in the evening and when you try to fall asleep

•   You have vivid, dreamlike experiences while falling asleep or dozing

•   You have episodes of sudden muscle weakness when you are angry, fearful or when you laugh

•   You feel as though you cannot move when you first wake

•   Your bed partner notes that your legs or arms jerk often during sleep

•   You regularly need to use stimulants to stay awake during the day


Diagnosing Obstructive 
Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

A single overnight sleep study (polysomnography) can provide 
information on the presence or absence of OSA. Polysomnography 
is a painless procedure that measures multiple body signals while 
you sleep including your heart rate, brain waves and breathing.

Sleep Disorder Checklist

Identify some of the signs of Sleep Apnoea

•   Has your partner noticed that you gasp or stop breathing during sleep?

•   Do you often wake up feeling unrefreshed?

•   Do you sometimes feel excessively sleepy during the day?

•   Have your energy and motivation levels decreased?

•   Do you find it difficult to concentrate?

•   Do you often feel irritable, grumpy and depressed?

•   Are you overweight?

•   Are you a heavy snorer?  

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be at greater risk from Sleep Apnoea. 

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