Sleep Apnoea treatment
options that work!

There is a very effective, widely accepted 
treatment for Sleep Apnoea called Continuous
Airway Pressure Therapy (CPAP).

A bedside device gently delivers pressurised air through a small mask
or nasal pillows system. This pressure acts as an "air splint" to keep
your upper airway open and help prevent apnoea. This treatment
does not involve drugs or surgery and helps hundreds of thousands
of people all over the world to enjoy healthier sleep and a healthier
life. Many experience the benefits quickly, often during the first night of use.

Sleep Studies


To best determine your condition, each of our clients will be required to participate
in a sleep study. A sleep study may be conducted at home or on location in a sleep
facility such as a private hospital, public hospital or on location such as on a mine
site (camp or donger).

Ongoing support


Attune offers its clients ongoing support and education to
existing CPAP users. If you have any questions regarding
use, maintenance, cleaning, humidification or additional
products available, a Total Sleep Care specialist will be
more than happy to answer any questions you may have!


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