All staff are registered with their appropriate professional bodies 

and affiliated with their respective peak professional association.

These include:

•   Royal Australian College of Physicians
•   Australian Psychological Society
•   Australian Association of Social Workers
•   Employee Assistance Professionals Association of Australia

Hearing Specialties and referrals

•   Training in fitness for work, fatigue management and psychological impairment

•   Counselling and Psychological assessment and intervention

•   Sleep assessments and management plans

•   Insomnia treatment

•   Portable and Sleep Unit based Sleep Studies

•   CPAP equipment supply

•   Education and Sleep Care Plans for ongoing compliance management of patients with OSA

•   Return to work and Rehabilitation programs

•   Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist Consultation

•   Respiratory and Sleep Specialist Consultation

Benefits of a Respiratory and
Sleep Specialists alliance with
Ear Nose and Throat Specialists

A holistic service - guaranteed!

Genesis SleepCare, previously known as Respiratory and Sleep Specialists, forms a part of GenesisCare, a national network of comprehensive SleepCare, HeartCare and CancerCare centres across Australia. Total SleepCare working in collaboration with Genesis SleepCare Respiratory and Sleep Specialists seeks to provide efficient, accurate and timely services in the diagnosis and effective treatment of patients with sleep disorders. We aim to address challenges in sleep medicine including the under diagnosis of sleep disorders, as well as the perception of treatment choices available.


Our Partnership

As a leader in sleep service provision, Total Sleep Care (TSC) has partnered
with Genesis and is committed to improving outcomes and access for patients.
TSC comprises a team of doctors, allied healthcare and management professionals
working together in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of sleep disorders to
help you live a more satisfying and healthy life.

Genesis SleepCare

Genesis SleepCare is part of the GenesisCare organisation.
GenesisCare provides services to patients with cardiovascular
disease, cancer and sleep disorders. As a leader in sleep
service provision, Genesis SleepCare is committed to improving
outcomes and access for patients with sleep problems.

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