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Attune offers a variety of informative brochures for our referral partners

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How we hear - Poster

This poster outlines the hearing organ and provides general practitioners an easy source of demonstration and explanation.
The poster outlines the outer, middle, and inner ear.

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How we hear - Pad

This pad illustrates the hearing organ providing general practitioners an accessible and give-away source of explanation.

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Over 50% of Australians - Poster

The poster outlines the importance of hearing checks in context to other regular medical check-ups

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General Practitioner - Referral Pad

The referral pads area a quick and easy source for our supporting General Practitioners to refer their patients. The pad outlines all areas of hearing so as to obtain the information you may require.

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General info pack (20 of each)

A general pack for practice managers seeking to obtain hearing collateral for their clinic.

• Tinnitus Management and Treatment
• Hearing Checklist - Enjoying the Benefits
• Hearing health Services
• Could you benefit from Hearing Aids?
• The Seven Secrets for Hearing Aid Success
• Customer Ear Plugs
• Can Your Child Hear
• Central Auditory Processing Disorder in Children

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Audiology Reference Guide

A comprehensive Audiology Reference Guide for General Practitioners covering Anatomy, Tests, Services, Types of loss, Tinnitus, OHS, and more.

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Custom Made Ear Plugs

Customised musician's earplugs will protect ears from irreversible damage without jeopardising the sound quality of music as much as traditional earplugs. Musician's earplugs are comfortable, durable, and discreet.

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Tinnitus Management and Treatment

Most people have experienced a form of tinnitus - a sensation in the ears of buzzing, hissing, ringing, or crickets chirping. Often the sensation occurs after hearing a loud noise but it is usually temporary.

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Could I benefit from Hearing Aids

The right hearing device brings back sound quality and clarity. Just as spectacles enhance your appreciation of finer visual detail, a hearing device enhances your appreciation of the spectrum of sound.

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Can your child hear?

Children of any age - including newborns - can have a hearing test. Since hearing loss can be present at birth or develop later in childhood, it is essential to have your child's hearing evaluated on a regular basis as they grow.

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Your Hearing Checklist

Annual check-ups are recommended over the age of 50 or at any time when you notice a hearing loss to exclude any underlying medical condition.

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Central Auditory

A holistic approach is necessary when diagnosing Central Auditory Processing (CAP) to ensure there are no other factors affecting results e.g. memory, attention, motivation, and/or language problems. Seven Secrets - To help you gain the maximum benefit from your hearing devices, we recommend you follow these 7 secrets and improve your quality of life.

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Enjoying the Benefits

With improved hearing, your confidence returns. You engage with people on equal terms. Your outlook broadens. You welcome social opportunities and enjoy life to the fullest. Hearing Health Service - Sometimes a hearing loss can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, so it is important to have your hearing checked regularly, or as soon as you notice a change.

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