Hearing and General Practitioners

Working within a medical model, Attune Hearing provides:

•   Full service diagnostic audiology services for all ages

•   Independent rehabilitation (hearing aids), extensive range, budgets and technology

•   Balance diagnostics

•   Cochlear and hearing implant centre

•   Central Auditory Processing Testing

•   Tinnitus treatments

Attune Audiologists are supervised and supported by a team of Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists who review all clinical aspects of your patient’s care, at no extra cost to your patient. This unique collaboration ensures  a comprehensive, accurate and reliable diagnostic assessment of your patient’s auditory pathways. Our clinics are purpose built, state of the art, sound-proof facilities with fully calibrated testing equipment. All patients referred to Attune by a General Practitioner are eligible for a Medicare rebate on our services.  Attune Hearing provides free hearing aids and services to eligible pensioners and veterans under the Australian Government Office of Hearing Services (OHS) Voucher Scheme. At Attune, pensioners and veterans can access our private services with no out of pocket expense. Attune is compliant with all Medicare requirements, which are reviewed annually by our Clinical Governance Committee.




Attune’s comprehensive range of
diagnostic assessments include: 

•   Pure Tone Audiogram (diagnostic hearing test)
•   Play audiometry
•   VROA (child hearing test)
•   Otoacoustic emmisions
•   Central Auditory Processing Disorder Assessment (CAPD)
•   Auditory Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (ABR)
•   Vestibular Assessment
•   VEMP (Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential)
•   VNG (Videonystagmography)
•   ENG (Electronystagmography)
•   ECoG (Electrocochleography)
•   Fistula
•   Implant Assessment and Program
•   Cochlear, MED-EL, BAHA, Vibrant Soundbridge
•   Tinnitus – assessment, treatment and management
•   Hearing aid – assessment, fitting and rehabilitation
•   Counselling and communication strategies
•   Pre and post employment assessments
•   Medico Legal assessments and reports
•   Custom plugs, accessories and hearing protection

Information for GPs

What test(s) will your patient need?

This information is in our Audiology Guide (available on request)



Ringing in the Ear




Test Required



Unilateral PTA + ABR
Pulsatile (heart beat) PTA
Dizziness and Vertigo Imbalance PTA + VNG/ENG & Caloric
Hearing Loss Bilateral PTA
Unilateral PTA + ABR
Sudden PTA (urgent request)
Blocked Ears Bilateral PTA
Unilateral PTA
Discharge   ENT Referral
(see Our ENT Partners)
Difficulty Hearing in Noise Adults PTA
Children (over 7 years) PTA + CAP
Children (under 7 years) PTA
Foreign Objects in the Ear  

ENT Referral (see Our ENT Partners)

Attune is an Accredited provider 

of the RACGP for education

Attune is an Accredited Activity Provider of the RACGP
– 2011 to 2013 triennium.  Attune would be happy to
provide educational activities for your practice. For further
information regarding these opportunities please contact
your Attune Audiologist at the closest Attune clinic.

Pure Tone Audiogram (PTA)


Pure Tone Audiogram (PTA) – Hearing Test + Immittance + Speech Discrimination

PTA + VNG/ENG & Caloric

Balance Tests (VNG/ENG & Caloric) + Hearing Test (PTA) + Immittance + Speech Discrimination


Auditory Brainstem Evoked Response (ABR) + Hearing Test (PTA) + Immittance + Speech Discrimination


Central Auditory Processing Test (CAP) + Hearing Test (PTA) + Immittance + Speech Discrimination


Many hearing tests fail to give a complete assessment of a patient’s hearing health or identify any underlying medical pathology which may be the cause of hearing loss. At Attune, if an underlying medical pathology is identified, we will provide your patients a direct and, if necessary, urgent referral pathway to one of our ENT Specialists.

Contact Attune

For further questions, to speak with Attune's Head of Audiology or make
a general enquiry call 1800 195 155 or contact your closest Attune clinic.