Hearing Benefits for
Health Fund Members

At Attune we have a range of Benefits for Health Fund Members!


In 2014 Attune was the first and is still the only audiology company to be accredited against
the same National Health and Safety Standards, just like your GP and their practice. This gives
you peace of mind that at Attune you will receive a “proper” diagnostic hearing or balance test
and you can be sure we will identify any underlying medical pathology/problems which maybe
affecting your hearing or balance or tinnitus.


At Attune you will receive recommendations that are appropriate for your hearing levels,
as we are proudly independent and not owned by any of the hearing aid manufacturers,
as many other hearing clinics are today.

Appropriate Recommendation:

Not all hearing loss is appropriate for hearing aids and so at Attune you will receive
an appropriate recommendation for your hearing loss. Perhaps an assistive listening
device would be more appropriate for you?

Second Opinion:  

At Attune we are happy to provide our opinion regarding your hearing health if you which
to discuss your options in more detail.

Medical Model:  

Attune is the largest national Medical Audiological Company  with GP’s, ENT Specialists,
Neurologists, Paediatricians and Gerontologist specialists trusting  their patients with  
our audiologists and our comprehensive  services.  You can trust us too!  

If you are a Member of a Private Health Fund and you are over the age of 55, call Attune’s
dedicated Hotline for Private Health Fund Members and discuss our extensive range of benefits  
which may include a No Gap Benefit should you require hearing aids. * Conditions apply.