Hearing implant options?

While the majority of people who experience hearing loss can be helped
with hearing aids, for some, hearing aids do not provide the benefits they
need. That’s because using a hearing aid with a moderately severe-to-profound
hearing loss can be like listening to a loud, badly tuned radio program. You
experience only fragments of the program, but at full volume. For people 
profound hearing loss, even the simplest everyday situations become stressful
and challenging. Crossing the street, business meetings, family gatherings, and
driving a car can become major obstacles that in many cases lead to you being
socially excluded and isolated.

An increasing number of adults are choosing to have cochlear implants 

What if I can’t wear hearing aids?

Middle ear implants are an alternative semi-implantable device for when conventional hearing aids 
are medically contraindicated. They are used in mild to severe hearing loss (conductive, mixed or
sensorineural) in those who cannot benefit from conventional amplification.

Three types of middle ear implants are fitted at Attune: the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) and
Sophono devices use bone conduction – sounds are transmitted directly to the cochlear by vibration of the
skull. The Vibrant Soundbridge (VSB) uses an implanted transducer to directly drive the ossicular chain. To
be assessed for a middle ear implant you would need to be referred by your GP to our middle ear implant
surgeons for medical suitability.

Does this sounds familiar?

If so a cochlear implant might be right for you.

•   Rely more on lip-reading than on hearing aids

•   Moderately severe to profound hearing loss

•   Stopped using the telephone

•   Cannot understand speech, even one on one

•   Feel increasingly isolated

•   Difficulty communicating in groups

•   Job in jeopardy due to hearing loss

•   No longer hear the birds or the grandchildren’s voices

The Attune implant program

As Attune only recommends cochlear implants for people likely 
to benefit, the probability of achieving real and lasting benefits 
is very high. As part of the assessment process, Attune will 
arrange a one on one meeting with a implant recipient from 
the program of similar age to yourself who can share real 
life experiences.

Attune's program is designed to help you make the best
possible decision for your hearing health.

Implant questions

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