Full diagnostic hearing and 
balance assessments for adults

Attune Hearing provides comprehensive diagnostic
assessments of the auditory system (hearing) and
the vestibular system (balance).

Screening Hearing tests for adults

Hearing screens - How is your hearing health? 

Like your eyesight, hearing can deteriorate over time. A hearing test can help identify
hearing loss but not the cause. 15 minute hearing tests are available at all Attune
clinics by appointment. 

Hearing aid purchasing support

All hearing aids purchased from Attune Hearing have:

•   30 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back

•   3 year warranty

•   Finance options available

•   Ongoing clinic support 


Free hearing aids and services for
eligible pensioners and veterans

Attune is accredited by the Australian Government Office
of Hearing Services (OHS) to provide free hearing services,
free hearing aids and other listening devices to eligible
pensioners and veterans.

Further discounts for Seniors Card Holders

Hearing aids and
hearing strategies

If your hearing is affecting your quality of life, an Attune Audiologist will advise
you of your rehabilitation and communication options based on your level of
communication difficulty, lifestyle and severity of hearing loss. If a hearing
aid or device is an option for you, Attune offers a wide range of products
to suit your lifestyle.

Adult hearing health enquiries

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