Whistling hearing aids

The whistling sound which is sometimes heard emitting from hearing
aids is called acoustic feedback. It is the result of sound leaking out
of the ear mould and feeding back into the hearing aid. The most
common cause of feedback in the initial stages is that the ear mould
is incorrectly inserted. In older hearing aids it is likely that the ear
mould needs replacing if it no longer fits snugly. If feedback causes
regular problems, this should be discussed with your Audiologist. 

Learning to use a hearing aid

How to insert a hearing aid or mould

To insert an In-The-Ear hearing aid, hold the hearing aid from the
outside of the case.Inserting the hearing aid/mould, can be a little
difficult at first.How you hold the hearing aid mould while inserting
is very important. To insert a Behind-The-Ear hearing aid, hold the
mould from the outside of the earpiece. Place the ear mould in the
ear before putting the hearing aid in position behind the ear.

1.  To insert the earpiece into your ear, you must have the earpiece
at the correct angle. Ensure the sound output is at the bottom.
Line up the aid in front of you, then raise your hand to your ear
without changing its original orientation.

2.  Place the sound tip into your ear before inserting the top part.
Give the hearing aid a final push to ensure it is in as far as it will go,
but this should not be painful.

3.  Once in position, the hearing aid should feel secure and should
not move excessively with normal head movement.

4.  Your hearing aid can now be switched on.


Changing your batteries

Hearing aid maintenance

Hearing aid batteries need to be changed on a regular basis.
When the battery is beginning to go flat your aid may decrease
in volume, or make a beeping sound. If at any time your hearing
aids begin to sound different, the first thing to try is a new battery.
Most hearing aid batteries work on a chemical reaction between
zinc and air, so they have a sticker placed over the air vents to
prolong their shelf life. This sticker must be removed before
inserting the battery into the hearing aid.


Before removing the old battery, check how it is sitting and put the
new battery in the same way. Never force the battery door closed,
as batteries only fit in one way, and the door cannot be closed if
the battery is upside down.

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