What is an Audiologist?

It takes professional care from a qualified and caring Audiologist to
help the patient’s brain to adapt to the device. Therefore, clients need
to be aware that they are being serviced by a qualified Audiologist,
who is trusted within the community. The Audiologist will take time
to assist a patient with any hearing health care needs and introduce
them to products, services and programs as required.

Did you know that there is also a difference between an Audiologist
and an Audiometrist? Do you know both look after your hearing but
an Audiologist is a post graduate university trained hearing professional?

The link below provides more details about Audiologists any why they
are important to making the right decisions.


Knowledge is Power

Hearing Health in Australia is a very complex issue due to a number
of contributing factors. The common belief that a hearing aid will give
a person back their full hearing, is a very wrong assumption made
by many. Obtaining knowledge about hearing, will not only assist
individuals in looking after their own hearing, it will also be useful
during the hearing aid purchasing process. Therefore, it is vital that
the message about hearing health is conveyed correctly. 


Office of Hearing Services (OHS)


Many Australian’s don’t realise the subsidised audiology services
provided by the Government. For example, the Office of Hearing
Services (OHS), provides vouchers to clients, giving them an
opportunity to purchase hearing aids, previously un-attainable.
Therefore, clients must clarify what they are eligible for, otherwise
many retail style businesses will take advantage of this situation.
To find out more about fully subsidised hearing aids and services.

Hearing test options

Many clients live busy lives, therefore some may look for the quickest,
possible process when seeking answers about their hearing health.
Some patients even take an online test or computer test in a retail
based clinic, which claims to be able to indicate whether a hearing
loss is evident. Unfortunately numerous clients will get caught out
using these facilities. These models are marketing tools for business
to get clients through the door! These quick screens are not reliable
for the following reasons:

• Inaccurate screening results due to background noise

• An incomplete full diagnostic hearing test result- Technical errors as
an Audiologist is not there to conduct the test

• Usually clients are made to stand for periods of time in an open and
public area to take the test, rather than in a private, inviting and
comfortable setting; so concentration fails

• If children are taking the test, they can be easily distracted by situations
happening around them, severely impacting the test results

Medical professionals strongly urge clients to allow time for a reliable Pure
Tone Audiogram, facilitated by an accredited audiology clinic, like Attune.
As a result, the client knows they are receiving the best advice about their
current hearing health, why their hearing is so and what it could be like
going into the future.