Speaking to a person
with a hearing loss

Get the person’s attention first

Let them turn around and look at you before
start speaking again.

Look at the person as you talk

Don’t turn away or cover your lips. Don’t eat or smoke.
shout from the next room or have your head in the fridge.

Speak naturally

Don’t exaggerate your lip movements. Don’t speak too slowly or
too quickly. 
Don’t shout and don’t mumble. These things distort
the sound and make it harder to speech-read. 

Avoid/Reduce background noise

Turn the television off or down if you want to have a conversation. 

Use simple language

Rephrase your message if it is not understood. Some words are 
easier to hear than others. Don’t use 
unnecessary words. Using
simpler language gives a message that is clear and more easily understood.

Move into the light

It is easier to speech-read if your face is well lit.

Be patient

It can be very frustrating from both ends.