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Personal Details

Attune takes your privacy very seriously. Your personal details such as phone number and email will only be used for contact purposes by an Attune representative.

Your existing employer or referrees will be contacted when you notify Attune that it is safe to do so.

Application Questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire. Your answers will be used in the preliminary stages of your application


  • How would you describe your approach to client services? Please give an example of a time when you have had to deal with a difficult client and how you resolved this.
  • Have you had any marketing/advertising experience? If yes, please give an example of a successful marketing campaign in which you have participated; if no, what transferable skills do you possess?
  • What experience have you had with medical billing? Please give details below.
  • How comfortable are you with medical terminology? Please also give examples of industries in which you have worked and some examples of specific terms used.
  • Have you ever used medical practice management software? If yes, please list these below; if no, please list client relationship management (CRM) packages which you have used.

Attach Curriculum Vitae
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