Attune Hearing history

Attune is proudly supervised and supported by Ear, Nose
and Throat (ENT) specialists. Our independence, ethics
and hands on medical support make Attune the preferred
partner in the journey to a better quality of life.


Regional expansion in New South Wales

Attune’s commitment to regional NSW continues with the establishment
of full time, full service diagnostic clinics in Coffs Harbour and Goulburn.
The Attune network of Sydney clinics grew with the new clinic located in
Newtown. Growth in the Victorian market continues with the opening of
a new permanent full time clinic at Carnegie in Melbourne. Attune clinics
in Bundaberg and Cleveland were relocated to new sites with updated
equipment and excellent accessibility for our clients.


Greater expansion in New South Wales

Attune’s St Leonards clinic was relocated to Crows Nest due
to the building being demolished. Attune provides all complex
audiological services from shared consulting rooms with
Dr Michael Elliott and Dr Jonathan Kong at Crows Nest.
Attune’s growth continues in Victoria with the opening of new
visiting locations located in Somerville, Pakenham and Drouin.


Services in sleep

In March 2011, Attune continued our growth in the Sydney market by
opening clinics in Wahroonga, Auburn and Little Bay. In April 2011,
Attune launched a new business called Total Sleep Care which serves
our ENT’s (and other MO’s) need for sleep studies and compliments
the holistic Attune workplace offering. In July 2011, Attune entered
into the Victorian market by merging with the Zail Hearing Care Group
located in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Regional expansion
continues with clinics in Rockhampton, Maryborough, Bundaberg
and Hervey Bay.


Interstate and greater coverage

Throughout 2009 and 2010, Attune continued to establish
new clinics in metropolitan and regional Queensland, and
also opened its first New South Wales clinic at St Leonards
in October 2009, followed by Mona Vale in May 2010. In May
2010, Attune further cemented its foothold in Sydney by merging
with the Hear Well Group of clinics. In February, Attune launched
a fully integrated workplace hearing business which is without
peer in the market.


Regional expansion Queensland

In 2008, Attune continued its strategy of growth by opening new
permanent clinics in Cleveland and Aspley in metropolitan Brisbane,
and also its first permanent comprehensive regional clinic in Townsville,
North Queensland, closely followed by Mackay and Hervey Bay.


Our greatest expansion of services

The company changed its name to Attune® and opened new world-class
facilities in Ascot, Ipswich and Brisbane. Attune’s Brisbane (Spring Hill)
private centre becomes the largest in Queensland, incorporating diagnostic
services for children and adults, a hearing aid clinic, the cochlear implant
program, the tinnitus management centre and ENT consulting rooms.


A new era of Tinnitus treatments

Neuromonics® Tinnitus Treatment was introduced, helping hundreds of individuals
significantly reduce tinnitus disturbance and return to a productive lifestyle.


The forefront of new technologies

Queensland Hearing coupled hearing aid fitting with advanced
audiological assessments and implantable devices. The Queensland
Cochlear Implant Centre (QCIC) was established. The centre leads
the minimalist surgical approach and set up standards for post
implantation rehabilitation that are now applied globally. QCIC is
a member of the Cooperative Research Centre for Cochlear Implant
and Hearing Aid Innovation, contributing research into new technologies.


Research & Development Foundation

The Neuro Otology Clinic (QNC) extended its services to include rehabilitation
and hearing aids and changed its name to Queensland Hearing. Clinics established
in Nambour, Ipswich, Springwood and Cleveland (part time). Our founders
knew they could give Queenslanders an alternative and a much needed break
from waiting lists. Our Brisbane clinic was the first private facility to offer
specialised diagnostic tests to patients of all ages.


Care and quality from the start

The Neuro Otology Clinic (QNC) opened in Brisbane in 1986 by a small group
of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeons, who had become frustrated by the
lack of diagnostic audiological services for their private patients. 
and children who had previously only had access to Australian Hearing Services
or the public hospitals with lengthy waiting lists could now access our private
services within a couple of weeks. Our founders knew they could give
Queenslanders an alternative and a much needed break from waiting lists.
Our Brisbane clinic was the first private facility to offer specialised diagnostic
tests to patients of all ages.