Give the gift of Hearing!

Do you have some old hearing aids sitting in a drawer or are you about to update to the newest technology?

Donate your old working hearing aids to any Attune clinic and you will be giving the gift of hearing to children living with hearing loss in the Pacific Islands.

Attune is proud to support the continued work of our Emeritus Professor Philip Newall and Cristy Newall with changing the lives of children with hearing loss - Read more.



Attune Hearing welcomes the investigation by the ACCC into the unregulated hearing industry. Attune Hearing audiologists are members of and follow the strict Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics as directed by their professional body - Audiology Australia. Attune Hearing only employs postgraduate, university qualified audiologists to conduct all clinical hearing tests.


Attune's Latest news!

"People with hearing problems upsold hearing aids 
they don’t need so that audiologists can profit".

Sue Dunlevy | News Corp Australia Network | SEPTEMBER 14, 2015

A great read for anyone in the market seeking hearing healthcare services. 
Attune can't stress enough the importance of a full diagnostic hearing test 
supported by your local general practitioner!


Attune Workplace vs

other hearing providers

A recent question from a new client prior to signing off a large quote caught my attention this week.
So I thought I would share it with all existing and interested new clients of Attune. In today's safety industry we all know there is just as many apples as there are oranges and when comparing apples with apples such as product prices in hearing protection the task is generally easier. However when dealing with service orientated business-to-business relationships the task gets a little harder and often more complicated, especially when you are deciding on the right company to engage your hearing assessments.

When you compare Attune to another service provider ask yourself:

•  Is your current provider accredited?

•  Is an audiologist conducting the tests?

•  Has the company got a certified mobile clinic?

•  What happens when your employees fail their tests?

•  Does the company have a large geographic footprint to test nationally?

•  Has the company got a medical foundation and superior understanding of risk?

•  Will they accept liability as much as you?

If they answer no to any of these questions it's because Attune isn't another apple or an orange. In 2014 Attune was the first and only accredited hearing services provider nationally!