Our story of providing better hearing healthcare to everyday Aussies.

In 2014, Attune was proud to be the first and only Audiology Company accredited nationally against the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. Attune is also recognised as Australia’s largest, fully independent audiology clinic, which means we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer, giving clients peace of mind that they will not be pushed to purchase any particular hearing product, brand or style.Opening in 1986, Attune is based on a strong medical foundation. Attune has grown considerably since and is recognised for providing the best audiological care to the general public and medical practices around Australia.

We don't follow others, we lead and we lead by example. That's the Attune Way.

Better hearing healthcare is our priority!

The Attune Way is the shared identity and direction that directs and guides all employees of Attune. The CEO, Jenny Stevens, believes that, ‘Our mission, is to improve the quality of life of those who put their trust in us’. The Attune Way, gives our clients peace of mind that they will be treated with respect and be given superior service at every step in their hearing journey.


Our History

Built on a medical foundation

In Brisbane, 1986, a group of Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists opened the Neuro Otology Clinic (QNC), after realising the lack of diagnostic audiological services for patients. This was the first private clinic to offer clients of all ages, specialised diagnostic tests. In 1992, the name was updated to Queensland Hearing and in 1993 the Queensland Cochlear Implant Centre was established. In 2007, the company changed its name to Attune, which was in line with the large national expansion planned for the following years. In 2014, Attune was recognised as the first and is still the only audiology company accredited against the National Safety and Quality Health Services (NSQHS) Standards. 

Attune Academy

Continued development and training

In conjunction with Salas University Osborne College of Audiology, Attune gives opportunities for working audiologists to undertake intensive training in specialised fields. Over four day periods, these workshops consist of lectures and practical laboratory exercises. 

Our Audiologists our future


This page will inform you about your post graduate, university qualified audiologist. Attune only employs, university qualified audiologists, to care for you, our clients. Our audiologists are recognised nationally for the high level of results and service they deliver to the community. Our audiologists strongly believe and understand listening to client feedback, together with a diagnostic analysis will result in the best outcome for the hearing health of the patient. Our audiologists are encouraged to increase their knowledge by participating in training and development programs. This ensures that our staff are always aware of the latest research, technology and hearing health initiatives. 

Medical Partners

Our support network

Attune has a national network of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialists and General Practitioners (GP’s), who support and supervise our services. This gives patients the added reassurance that they are being given the best medical advice and care for their hearing, balance and Tinnitus needs.

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Corporate Alliances


Our corporate alliances offer unique incentives and benefits for the employer and their employees through our Corporate Wellness Program. Attune believes in a holistic approach to hearing healthcare nationally. Our aim is to support the medical foundation who built Attune while providing you with the best possible service offering.


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